Press Release!  Patent Issued to Alan Bell on May 18, 2010.
A utility Patent # 7,717,596 was issued after nearly 5 long years to Alan Bell for his mirror technology.
It's a Running Light/TurnSignal for use on motorcycles and cars.
Bell uses this unique technology to etch anything from logos to his customers' own designs in the lighted mirror.
This Patent is for sale


Dennis Gage, host of My Classic Car & producer of Corbins Ride On (Bradley David Productions, Inc.), was presented with a unique new technology product at the 2005 SEMA show in Las Vegas at the Classic Industries booth by Alan Bell of Tinkers Custom Turn Signals. This new technology, created by Bell, is an always-on running light with a custom turn signal image in the mirror. The presentation mirror had an image of Dennis Gage. For more info on these exciting mirrors & custom design possibilities, contact

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What Our Customers are Saying

"Thanks very much for the great job that you did with the mirrors that you made for me. They contribute greatly to the overall safety factor of riding (especially at night), giving my bike more visibility. Everyone who has seen them has liked them, especially with the great images of Betty Page that you placed in the mirror. One of the unexpected benefits that I have experienced is while riding at night. My eyes experience much less of a workout from the night blindness that occurs from the extremely bright headlight glare from following traffic. I believe the red images in the mirror help perserve night vision, especially with us older riders. Thanks again for the great quality product".
Michael E. Berg in New York

"The mirrors look great - many compliments!"
Kelly from Attitude Custom Cycles

"It is just too cool and you want to look at it often."
Tom in Florida

"The lights are visible at night for 50-60 yards, easily, and very visible during daylight. I love 'em!"
Honda Guy

"Having running lights in my mirrors at night makes my ride very visible to others."
Mike in New York